Submitting Your Div III to the Archives

Did you know that the Harold F. Johnson Library has an archive of Div IIIs stretching back to 1971? The Div III Archive includes works in print, on film, and in multiple electronic formats. To see what’s available, browse this list from the library catalog, or take a look at the online archive, which contains works from 2006 to the present.

So – as you finish your Div III, please consider adding your work to this collection! Your work will be preserved and accessible to current and future Hampshire students, and should you ever need a copy, you’ll always be able to request one from the library. Submission instructions can be found at

As part of its new web archiving program, Archives and Special Collections is also collecting Div III blogs and websites! To submit your site for inclusion, complete a Web Archives Permission Form at The capture process takes a snapshot of your site, which is then preserved, described, and made accessible in the Hampshire College Web Archives (