Preparing the final version of your written Div III

We’ve created a formatting guide for students whose Div III project takes the form of a thesis (or has a significant written component). The guide, Div III Formatting Help, offers resources for arranging your manuscript, citing sources, adding visuals, creating a table of contents, writing an abstract, making a cover page, and submitting the final document to the Hampshire College Archives.

We compiled this guide based on questions we received from Div III students last year. If there’s a step, an issue, or a process we missed, please comment and we’ll look for more helpful content to add to the guide.

If you have questions about archiving your Div III, or just want to learn more about what that process entails, the Library is offering an “Archiving Your Div III” workshop on Thursday April 23 at 3:30PM in the Hill-Urbina Room (Library 3rd floor).