Celebrate Filing Div III at the Red Barn Tuesday 9/30

Red BarnHi All – By Monday September 29th you should have your contract posted and signed. If you need more time, you need to go to CASA and ask for the paperwork for an extension. But I am hoping that you have gotten everything together.

Don’t lose momentum. Look at your contract and develop a plan for diving in, if you haven’t already. Be as specific as you can about how much work you will get done each week, what you will bring to your chair or committee and when. Next post will be tips about creating a timeline.

In the meantime, come celebrate your Div III filing at the Red Barn on Tuesday September 30th fro 5 p.m. – 7 p.m. with Jonathan Lash and Eva Rueschmann!!!

Drafting your contract

If you have not already been meeting with faculty, you should make appointments for advising day, Sept. 18th. Don’t hesitate to email if you are not sure how to sign up for office hours. Bring a draft of your Div III proposal – email it ahead of time if you have it.

If you already have a committee, post your contract and make sure it is visible for faculty. They may have feedback and ask for changes or have a specific way they would like you to write it.

If you don’t have specific instructions from a committee about how to write your contract, here is a way to start:

  • Write a brief description of the issue(s) you want to explore or that motivate your work (this does not have to be in depth).
  • Consider the things you want to get better at. The process of the Division III is as important (or more) than the product. Write your goals about this (maybe it is learning new research methods or improving your artistic production of a particular sort, or joining two different processes you learned in Div II, etc.)
  • Describe the shape of the project – how would you imagine going about answering your questions or meeting your goals? Be as specific as you can at this point in time. Know that it will likely change to get more focused or to include new ideas from conversations with your committee.
  • Write your ideas about what you will complete first semester and what you’ll complete 2nd semester – it really helps to have this conversation with your committee, so writing about it make sure that happens!
  • Include your ideas for 2 advanced learning activities – these are upper level courses, internships (only one) or TA-ships.

KEEP BREATHIING!!! The contract at this point is an initial set of ideas that you might stick with, or that might change, but you need to put them out there to have the conversation with your committee. Good Luck!!!