Need a Library Carrel?

The library is now accepting applications for library carrels for the Spring 2018 semester!

  • Carrels are reserved, private study desks located on the 2nd & 3rd floors of the library
  • More info about policy & assignment process can be found here
  • Library carrels are assigned to students through an application process
  • Applying for a carrel does not guarantee that you will be assigned a carrel
  • Demand for carrels generally exceeds the number of carrels available
  • Library staff will consider all eligible applicants who submit completed applications by the closing date
  • Library staff will notify all applicants no later than one week after the closing date & usually earlier!

In assigning carrels, the library will give priority:

  • To final semester Div III students willing to share carrels
  • To final semester Div III students, and
  • To first semester Div III students who are willing to share carrels

In all three of these groups, students who have not previously had carrel access will be given priority over those who have already had carrels assigned to them. Carrel space is limited, so we highly encourage you to find a carrel mate with whom you can share the space. If you list a specific carrel mate in your application, that individual must also submit an application and list you as carrel mate. Make sure you communicate with your intended carrel mate before submitting your application. If you are willing to share a carrel, but don’t have a carrel mate in mind, the library will facilitate a match.