Div III Conversations

If you missed the Div III Orientation or still have questions about how to get started, who to talk to, what Div III might look like, what is expected, etc., come talk with us. We are: Anne Downes, Senior Associate Dean of Advising, Laura Wenk, Dean of Curriculum and Assessment for the college, and Hannah Mazzarino, Assistant Director of Central Records.

Choose from 2 Sessions:

  • October 5th from 3-4 p.m. in the GE Living Area
  • October 7th from 3-4 p.m. in the Prescott Living Area

Of course there will be snacks.

Try Free Writing for Focusing Your Work

freewritingDo you feel self critical about your writing? Do you suffer a bit from perfectionism? Writing should be a way to get you to new ideas, but you can’t use it as a tool if you are constantly editing yourself or second guessing. Try developing a practice of free writing. When you free write, you write continuously for a set period of time (say 7 minutes, or 10, or 15 minutes) without regard to spelling, grammar, or even to where you ideas wander. You just keep writing without stopping.

If you free write about your current thinking, you might find that it gets you closer and closer to hitting on the ideas and concerns that will really drive you in your Div III work. The writing itself might not be something you use in the Div III, but it will be useful to your Div III. It will help you know where to bring your writing or your creative work.

Two Area Career Fairs

Hampshire Students are Welcome to Attend:

Smith College Fall Career Fair
Thursday, September 24, 3:30-6:00
Smith College Indoor Track & Tennis Facility

Meet with over 56 recruiters from corporate and non-profit organizations to discuss a broad range of internships, full-time jobs, and graduate/profession school opportunities. Job and internship recruiters include:

  • Lookout Mobile Security – a software engineering, design, and marketing company, they’re hiring 6 interns
  • New England Center for Children – they work with individuals with autism and offer significant tuition reimbursement for specific grad programs
  • Opera Solutions – offers consulting, analysis, and software solutions
  • Silicon Valley Bank – they help entrepreneurs succeed and are currently hiring for their Associate Development Program

For a full list of program participants, check out the Smith College Fall Career Fair page.

The UMass Engineering & Technology Career Fair
Wednesday, September 30, 10:00-3:00
UMass Campus Center Lower Level

Meet over 100 companies and learn about their full-time career opportunities and internships. Employers will be conducting interviews in the weeks following the fair for their summer internships as well as their full time opportunities. It is suggested that you dress as if you are already working at one of these organizations!

See the full list of employer participants as well the areas of study/majors they are interested in and positions they are recruiting for.

Writing Support in the Library

Five nights of writing help in the library begins this week! Emma Binder and Andrew Byler, alumni fellows, are available for help at all stages of your writing process. Come by their office on the 2nd floor of the library, Sundays 1-9 PM and Monday through Thursday 6-10 PM. No appointment necessary, though they’ll keep your appointment if you make one.

Division III Orientation

Please come to the second annual Division III Orientation!!!!  This session will help get you off to a good start.

  • You’ll meet support staff from the library, CASA, and beyond and understand how they can help you.
  • You’ll also hear from a few faculty about what Div III looks like over the course of the year – what to expect and what is expected of you.
  • Plus, you’ll get some snacks and hear about other resources and events planned for the year.

Friday, September 18th at 1 p.m. in the West Lecture Hall, FPH.
Bring a friend!

Apply: 5 College Digital Humanities Student Fellowships

We’re now taking applications for our 2015 – 2016 Student Fellowship Program, which provides undergraduates funding and mentorship to realize their own digital humanities and arts projects!

Our past roster of projects include a digital essay on narratives of enslavement, interactive maps of ancient Roman cities, public robotic sculptures, and a virtual reality game exploring embodiments of race. We’re not just looking for computer scientists: we’re looking for innovative, risky projects with strong humanistic questions at their cores. You can check out videos from our Student Symposium and our Sandbox blog to hear from past fellows.

We’ll also host three information sessions for interested students, as well as for faculty or staff who want to learn more about the Student Fellowship Program! Info sessions will be held:

  • 4 PM, Sept. 30th, Hampshire College
  • 5 PM, Sept. 30th, Amherst College
  • 4 PM, Oct. 7th, Smith College

Check out the Apply page soon for more details!

Apply Now!

Welcome to Div III at Hampshire!!!

You are finally a Division III student. For some of you, this is what you have been waiting for and you could not be more excited. For others, this is what you have been waiting for and you could not be more terrified! Don’t worry. No one who is just starting has ever been a Div III student before. It is new. It is challenging – in good ways and in more difficult ways. But YOU WILL DO IT!!! There are supports from your committee, other faculty, staff, students, friends, and family. This blog is built as an additional support. The posts will include such things as:

  • Tips on writing contracts
  • Suggestions for finding/forming committees
  • Ideas about expectations for how much work to do each week
  • Suggestions for time management
  • Tips for managing large projects
  • Writing prompts to help you think about ideas differently or to get unstuck
  • Instructions for creating peer writing or peer critique groups
  • Information about events and workshops
  • Tips from librarians about finding and using resources
  • Information on media resources
  • Ideas about how to organize your thinking and/or your papers

and more! You can also use this site to find resources and important dates and reminders. We hope it is helpful. So visit regularly – there will even be weekly give-aways to motivate you to visit the site. Just answer the weekly question posted each Friday to enter.

Div III is probably different that anything you have done before, but you have been developing the skills to do a Division III during your last few years at Hampshire.