December Grad?

Welcome back from what we hope was a productive summer. If you are finishing your Div III for the December deadline, here is something you ought to do now —

Look over what you have completed and what you have left to do. Work backwards from the December 12th pass deadline to develop a calendar of deadlines for yourself. It might not be perfect, but at least of rough idea of what you need to accomplish by when is extremely helpful.

Make a committee meeting and bring your plan with you. Your Div III committee can look over it with you and help make sure that it is reasonable.

Then do a little strategizing to have more specific ideas about how to meet your goals. Let other people know your intentions. Make study dates. Share your writing or show your work to others regularly so they know how you are doing too!

Check back regularly with your committee. Let them know if you need to change any scheduled deadlines and why. Check with friends and back here to this blog for ideas if you get stuck.

Good luck with your work!!!