Grants Info Session

Students interested in funding opportunities for independent projects, divisional work, or internship/volunteer positions are encouraged to attend a “Grants Info Session” on Thursday (March 7th) in Kern 202 (12-1:30pm). The event is hosted by managers of student funds from across campus; and will feature presentations of funding opportunities from several departments. Students will also learn how to write a strong proposal and create a budget.

This event is open to all students in all divisions. Lunch will be provided.

Need a Library Carrel?

The library is now accepting applications for library carrels for the Spring 2018 semester!

  • Carrels are reserved, private study desks located on the 2nd & 3rd floors of the library
  • More info about policy & assignment process can be found here
  • Library carrels are assigned to students through an application process
  • Applying for a carrel does not guarantee that you will be assigned a carrel
  • Demand for carrels generally exceeds the number of carrels available
  • Library staff will consider all eligible applicants who submit completed applications by the closing date
  • Library staff will notify all applicants no later than one week after the closing date & usually earlier!

In assigning carrels, the library will give priority:

  • To final semester Div III students willing to share carrels
  • To final semester Div III students, and
  • To first semester Div III students who are willing to share carrels

In all three of these groups, students who have not previously had carrel access will be given priority over those who have already had carrels assigned to them. Carrel space is limited, so we highly encourage you to find a carrel mate with whom you can share the space. If you list a specific carrel mate in your application, that individual must also submit an application and list you as carrel mate. Make sure you communicate with your intended carrel mate before submitting your application. If you are willing to share a carrel, but don’t have a carrel mate in mind, the library will facilitate a match.

Div 3 Writing Jams!!!

Writing Jams, otherwise known as write-on-sites, are a spaces to come write with other Div3s! If you are feeling isolated in your writing or are feeling like you need a community to keep you accountable to getting your work done, these sessions offer a group space to do so. These meetings are useful for setting work goals and engaging in the practice of writing (or whatever kind of independent reading, writing, planning, organizing, reflecting, etc. that your project entails). The collective energy of writing will hopefully inspire a focused and productive working space. Post-writing, there will be debriefing and setting next working goals, as well as time for socializing.

Join the Div 3 Academic Community Network for a writing jam. Jams are currently held on Mondays from 1:30-3:00 p.m. in the Airport Lounge (APL) and Thursdays 4-6 p.m. in the Roos Rhode House.

These events are student-organized and student-run!


Writing Support in the Library

Five nights of writing help in the library begins this week! Emma Binder and Andrew Byler, alumni fellows, are available for help at all stages of your writing process. Come by their office on the 2nd floor of the library, Sundays 1-9 PM and Monday through Thursday 6-10 PM. No appointment necessary, though they’ll keep your appointment if you make one.

Apply: 5 College Digital Humanities Student Fellowships

We’re now taking applications for our 2015 – 2016 Student Fellowship Program, which provides undergraduates funding and mentorship to realize their own digital humanities and arts projects!

Our past roster of projects include a digital essay on narratives of enslavement, interactive maps of ancient Roman cities, public robotic sculptures, and a virtual reality game exploring embodiments of race. We’re not just looking for computer scientists: we’re looking for innovative, risky projects with strong humanistic questions at their cores. You can check out videos from our Student Symposium and our Sandbox blog to hear from past fellows.

We’ll also host three information sessions for interested students, as well as for faculty or staff who want to learn more about the Student Fellowship Program! Info sessions will be held:

  • 4 PM, Sept. 30th, Hampshire College
  • 5 PM, Sept. 30th, Amherst College
  • 4 PM, Oct. 7th, Smith College

Check out the Apply page soon for more details!

Apply Now!

Preparing the final version of your written Div III

We’ve created a formatting guide for students whose Div III project takes the form of a thesis (or has a significant written component). The guide, Div III Formatting Help, offers resources for arranging your manuscript, citing sources, adding visuals, creating a table of contents, writing an abstract, making a cover page, and submitting the final document to the Hampshire College Archives.

We compiled this guide based on questions we received from Div III students last year. If there’s a step, an issue, or a process we missed, please comment and we’ll look for more helpful content to add to the guide.

If you have questions about archiving your Div III, or just want to learn more about what that process entails, the Library is offering an “Archiving Your Div III” workshop on Thursday April 23 at 3:30PM in the Hill-Urbina Room (Library 3rd floor).