The Hampshire Graphic Design Posters

Last semester the Hampshire Archives purchased a copy stand that has allowed us to more easily capture large print formats. We’ve recently finished digitizing the Hampshire Graphic Design Posters collection. These are posters designed by Philip and Kathryn (Perna) Doherty, circa the mid and late 1970s, as part of the Hampshire Graphic Design student group, known as “HGD”.
Along with donating the posters Kathryn explained: “After arriving at Hampshire and telling my advisor Arthur Hoener what I was interested in, he told me I should meet Phillip Doherty. Yes—it was a fantastic time at Hampshire. The whole art complex was still just a vision, but the visual art building was the first completed and where we spent almost all of our time. Our early ‘dates’ were pulling all nighters (making) hand-screenprint posters for events at Hampshire and in the Pioneer Valley. Phillip graduated a year ahead of me, and continued to live and work for a year at Hampshire– teaching and running HGD with an office in Warner House.”
Spring Concert posterPress and the Law poster The Second Annual Beatles Dance poster Holyoke Street Fair on High Street poster 
This is just a subset of the prints in the collection. Eventually the entire collection will be shared via Hampshire’s digital repository at

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