Div III Library Worker Shoutouts

Our graduating student shoutout today is Ida (she/they)! Ida’s favorite part about working at the library is meeting patrons, from seeing familiar faces around campus to talking with alums. During her shifts, she’s met the family of previous Hampshire presidents as well as those looking to donate to our collections. While you’re in the library, Ida recommends checking out our communal study spaces like the Airport Lounge and our HSU room. Both the APL and the HSU are great study spaces and are open 24/7.

Ida’s Div III, Bad Memory: A Genealogy of Student Governments and Publications at Hampshire College, is all about Hampshire College’s “rocky history of creating effective, long-lasting student governments and newspapers”. Her hope is to “provide guidelines on how to ensure the efficacy and sustainability of these organizations”. Ida’s planning on sticking around the Valley after graduation and is on the lookout for jobs in the area.

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