Div III Library Worker Shoutouts

This week, we’re giving a shoutout to another of our graduating students, Blue (she/her)! Blue’s favorite part about working in the library is “interacting with so many books I might’ve never otherwise encountered”. She loves when “a title catches my eye or a cover piques my interest and I get to leave that day with a brand new book I might’ve never found on my own.”  In addition, Blue recommends checking out the Andrea Wright Women’s Lives collection! From that collection of 2000 women’s autobiographies and memoirs, Blue highly suggests reading Cherry by Mary Karr.

Speaking of memoirs, Blue’s also writing one as her Div III! Almost Gone: A Memoir, Mostly, is “the culmination of four years studying creative nonfiction and feminist studies. It is a full-length braided memoir that explores the role of truth, story, and narrative in one’s identity, how early-life trauma warps one’s self-perception, and the outward-rippling consequences of losing one’s sense of self.”

After graduation, Blue is planning on pursuing a Masters of Fine Arts degree in creative writing and one day becoming a professor!

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