Div III Library Worker Shoutouts

Over the next month, we’re going to be shouting out our wonderful Div III student workers!

First off is Abby (she/her)! Her favorite part about working in the library is helping patrons find the resources they need. Helping people find those resources has turned some days around for her. Speaking of resources, her library tip is to get familiar with all the offices within the library. Media Services, Duplications, SPARC, and even more resources are available for students all in our building!

Abby’s Div III, “Crystals of Shadow and Light: The Spark”, is the prologue and first chapter of a mixed media novel. Her story starts with a teenage girl named Ade-anya reminiscing about memories of her grandmother. Check it out during Abby’s showcase in the Gallery next week from March 28th – 30th, with a reception at 7pm on Monday the 28th!

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