IT’S ALIVE! – InTran has risen again!

In the spirit of the season, once again members of the Hampshire community can watch Hampshire’s own, all original broadcast network InTran, now streaming on YouTube.

Watch Historical moments in Hampshire’s History, protests, groundbreakings and more.
But that’s not all, there’s Comedy, Drama, Animation, Documentary, Theater, Music, Experimental and Live!
You can watch the Div3s of the past, see student government meetings and experience the playfulness and seriousness of Hampshire College as far back as the 1970s, and as recently as this week.

But wait there’s more… this Saturday Oct. 16th, tune in at 2pm for Infinity and Beyond (online and in MLH). We’ll be watching highlights from some of the best of what the archives have to offer! Come chat, take questions, and hear from some of the very Alums who lived it!

Still not convinced you say? Sign the form today and you can join us at 4pm for The Darwin’s Kids Reunion! Hampshire Students made a 32 episode sitcom about Hampshire Students. Co-ed Marx Brothers in the Hampshire Mods, what could be better? Meet the makers, hear what they’re up to now (hint, you’ll be impressed), watch clips and enjoy the insanity.

What’s that you say? You’ve never seen a Darwin’s Kids episode? Well go watch it on InTran –

That URL gets you into both events, and you can enjoy InTran anytime.
Keep an eye out for the ‘Gamify Camp Hamp” clues and look for special Season Shows. Happy viewing.

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