Library Carrel Applications Open!

Library Study Carrel

Are you looking for a quiet place to study this semester? Look no further!

The library offers your very own desk space to use by yourself or to share with a carrel mate. Carrels come equipped with lights, chairs and outlets for all your studying needs.


The library will give priority in the following order to:

  1. Final semester Div III students willing to share carrels
  2. Final semester Div III students
  3. First semester Div III students who are willing to share carrels

Students who fit the above criteria and who have not previously had carrel access will be given priority.

Carrel space is limited, so we highly encourage you to find a carrel mate with whom you can share the space. If you list a specific carrel mate in your application, that individual must also submit an application and list you as their carrel mate. Make sure you communicate with your intended carrel mate before submitting your application. If you are willing to share a carrel, but don’t have a carrel mate in mind, the library will facilitate a match.

Please be mindful that carrel assignment does take processing time. We will try to finish assignments as soon as we can.

Apply here:

The application will close on September 19th at 11:59PM.

For more information on the Carrel Use Policy, visit the library website.

Please email with any questions!

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