Celebrating the Library’s student employees

Our next graduating student worker that we are highlighting is Isa!! || Isa (they/them) is from Roanoake, VA. The title of their Div III is “BASEMENT: a visual exploration of patterns,” and their favorite place on campus is the shack in the field behind health services, which they report is excellent during ALL seasons, even winter! Isa’s favorite part about working in the library has been learning about how much the library does and all the resources it has to offer. Their library tip: “Ask questions!! Library staff are able to answer a ton of different questions and are really cool! The library is a lot more than a place to check out books. If you are a student who needs help researching, figuring out navigating the online database, or anything else library related, there’s definitely someone who can help you find the answers you need.” (Couldn’t have said it better myself!) After graduating, Isa plans to apply to tattoo apprenticeships, and make lots of coffee and art in rural CA! Congratulations Isa!!!Isa - library student employee

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