Resource Spotlight: “Using Your Accommodations: A Guide for Students”

Picked up your accommodation letters? Wondering what to do next? Holistic Learning Program has just the thing for you! (Psst. It’s Harry Potter themed.)

Created in direct response to student questions, this guide was created by Holistic Learning Alumni Fellow, Sasha Conley, in partnership with The Office of Accessibility Resources & Services (OARS) Director, Aaron Ferguson.Using Your Accommodations: A Guide for Students. Knowledge Commons. I have an accommodation letter, what should I do next?

This guide offers five steps.

  1. Reach Out. (How do I talk to my faculty? What do I say?)
  2. Identify the Experts. (What is my role? My professors’ roles? The role of OARS?)
  3. Guiding Questions for Self-Disclosure. (How do I know what my needs and preferences are?)
  4. Supplements. (How do I handle my accommodations of flexible deadlines and attendance?)
  5. Meet & Create a Contingency Plan. (How we come to an agreement, so I know what I need to do and what my professor’s expectations are?)

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