Institute for Curatorial Practice starts!

The Hampshire College library and gallery are very excited to play host to the new Institute for Curatorial Practice (ICP) which starts today and continues through July 3.     We are expecting 22 participants who will have a chance to explore the objects within the Five College Museums and the greater Museums 10.   Students will travel to all of the museums and galleries within our consortium and meet with curators and directors.   They will examine the history of museums and collecting as well as look at new and experimental directions in curation.   They will also have the opportunity to explore primary source material within the Five College Archives and Special Collections.    Using one object within the Five College Museum Collection as inspiration, students will learn the tools for creating exhibitions and will curate a digital exhibit as their culminating project.

Check out the ICP blog and follow what’s going on for the next 5 weeks.

Slepian, John.
Scatter Piece, 2013
QR code, paper, digital device.
John Slepian art installation

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