Is your Div III a document? Here’s some formatting help.


If you don’t love the intricacies of academic document formatting, you may find the process of getting your Div III into its final shape a little trying. The research librarians thought it would be helpful to share some answers to specific formatting questions. These are all based on questions we’re receiving from your fellow Div III students. Have a question for us? Stop by the InfoBar, visit our offices, or email us: askharold @ (just remove those spaces around the @).

Need to know how to cite a source? Access style guides online for examples of citations in different formats

Want to use different page numbering styles in sections of your document (e.g., viii in the front matter and 8 in the body of the text)? Try these step-by-step instructions:

Incorporating visuals in your work? Here are guidelines for figures, graphs, illustrations, photographs:

Need a title page? Here are some samples (ask your committee about any preferences they have, too):

Want some help on formatting thesis documents, generally?

Visit the library web pages for details on DIV III submissions.

Image courtesy of Reeding Lessons on Flickr, used under Creative Commons.


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