Friday Workshop: Working with Field Notes & Data

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If you’re going to be taking field notes, transcribing interviews, or collecting and analyzing data, this workshop is for you! We’ll share tips and resources for managing your notes, documents and data. We’ll also discuss data sources and how to effectively search for — and find — the data you need.

When: Friday, April 18, 12pm
Where: Hill Urbina Room
Added bonus: Pizza lunch!
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This workshop is the third in a series of four “Making the Div II to Div III Jump” sessions the library is offering every Friday in April. These workshops are a great way to help you focus your ideas, organize you research and get excited about your Div III project. We’ll share tips and strategies to help you stay connected with your work over the summer.

Working with Field Notes and Data – 4.18.2014, 12pm, Hill Urbina Room
Organizing and Protecting Your Research – 4.25.2014, 12pm, Hill Urbina Room

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