Hampshire College Archives Announces an Update to the Library’s Division III Showcase

The Hampshire College Archives is happy to announce an update to the Library’s Division III Showcase.  The new content in the showcase will focus on Natural Science Division III works, and will be in place by Friday, April 18 2014. The showcase is free and open to the public and the natural sciences content will be in the showcase through the summer.


A selective and impressive array of Division III Natural Science projects will be on display at The Hampshire College Archives on the first floor of the library, and also showcased on the Magic Board of the library lobby. Conceived and organized by current Hampshire Archives student workers Greg McCarthy and Meg Monroe, this showcase will recognize past Division III projects in hopes of publicizing student work in the sciences.  In addition, the exhibit will use archival material generously given to the Hampshire College Archives from recently graduated students and the Cole Science Center, which includes final papers, photographs, videos, diagrams, and sculptures.

Using materials from the Cole Science Center, this exhibit aims to acknowledge and highlight Division III’s that use fundamentals of science to produce new and innovative approaches to scientific phenomena. Projects range from human relationships and animal morphology, to the biological evolutionary psychology of learning, and each succeeds in its attempt to outline equally overlooked aspects of science. .

The materials on the first floor and Magic Board are only a small portion of fascinating Natural Science Division III’s. For more information about Natural Science Division III’s please contact Greg McCarthy at gm13@hampshire.edu or the Archives at archives@hampshire.edu. You can learn more about the exhibit in Greg’s blog post here.

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