Don’t Forget To Submit Your Div III To The Library!

Hampshire College Library congratulates you on finishing your Division III projects and invites you to make your work a part of the Hampshire College Archives. Please remember to deposit your completed Division III projects in the library.  It is vital that the library be able to preserve the scholarly and creative output of the college. To this end we strive to collect as many Division III works as possible.

You can submit your Division III electronically to the online archive that is available to the Hampshire community, as well as to on-campus visitors with a login and password. You hold the copyright for your work. If you wish to make your Division III more widely available, on the college Internet website and/or to the scholarly community through interlibrary loan, you can indicate this as part of the electronic submission process. To submit electronic DIV IIIs or to find out more about the process (including preferred file formats) go here.

Hard-copy submissions can be dropped off at the library’s Info Bar on the first floor, the Archives Work Room on the third floor of the library (just around the corner from the big tree sculpture) or sent via campus mail to Jimi Jones, Hampshire Library, mail code LO. If you want to mail your DIV III, please send it to:

Jimi Jones, Harold F. Johnson Library; Hampshire College, 893 West Street, Amherst, MA 01002-3359

Contact Hampshire’s archivist Jimi Jones at x5761 or email or if you have any questions. If your Division III is not primarily text please contact Jimi about the best way to submit your work.

Thank you for your hard work. We will work just as hard to make sure it’s preserved for the ages!

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