On Seeds and Libraries: Cataloging

Post number three in our series on how we got to a twelve-seed seed library!

Wow! Lots of big updates to the Seed Library, but I’ll keep it short.



I’ve collaborated with our local cataloger, and we’ve added a sample vegetable into the catalog. It’s mostly right, we’ve got a few tweaks and a few more keywords, and now I’m just waiting for the other 11 beans and veggies to be uploaded!


The card catalog is also ready: the rods from the drawers have been removed, and we’ve added labels to the appropriate drawers. Again, we’ve only got the “easy” varieties of seeds in the seed library at this time, so the selection is a little limited, but as the semester progresses we’ll continue to grow!

I’ve also made one edit to the seeds I’m offering: We’ll still have the Beans, Lettuce, Peas, and Tomatoes available, but it turns out Chives are of “medium” difficulty because the cross-pollinate very easily. So I’ve removed the Chives and added tasty, tasty Black Beauty Eggplant.

I generated a small Donation slip (borrowed heavily from the Pima County Seed Library’s Donation Form) for students to fill out when they are able to return their seeds.

Finally, I’ve created a LibGuide (also borrowed heavily from the Pima County Seed Library’s website)! It’s still in its infancy, but it’s got lots of helpful hints and tips on using the Seed Library, as well as links to more literature.

I’ve still got to sort the seeds into packets, and print out some pamphlets and leaflets. And then there’s the issue of workshops, but that’s something I can focus on later in the year!

Originally posted August 13, 2013. You can view the original post here.

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