Taming your Reading Dragons: Tips for Focus, Speed, and Organization


Image of a dragon
Dragon image via Wikimedia. Used under Creative Commons.

The average Hampshire student will read thousands of pages over the course of their career. Where do you put all those files? How do you make notes and highlights when everything’s digital? How do you get through a 30 page article when your mind wanders off after two paragraphs? How do you focus when Facebook is a click away?

Were you aware that:

  • You can easily convert an image PDF into one that has highlightable text?
  • You can use free Adobe Reader to highlight and make notes on digital readings?
  • You can have your computer read the articles TO you?
  • You can create an MP3 file of an article to listen to?
  • You CAN get better focus and speed in your reading?
  • You CAN do it (or most of it, anyway)!?!

Come find out how!

Wednesday, November 6th at 2 p.m. Hill-Urbina Room, Library
Friday, November 15th at 10 a.m. Hill-Urbina Room, Library

Free Snacks!!!

Hosted by Alana Kumbier of the Library and Asha Kinney of IT. If you want a reminder for this event please RSVP to akinney@hampshire.edu and let us know which session you’ll attend. If you’re interested in this subject but can’t make these times also get in touch – we can always meet separately.

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