This Book: Our Graphic Novel collection

Did you know we had it? Do you know where to find it? The library is home to a plethora of resources-spanning from video tapes and DVDs to cumbersome art books and journal volumes with crackling binding. We’re here as a resource for academia, and as a resource for readings that aren’t required for class. I’m, personally, not as into graphic novels as I used to be, but sitting up in the stacks with a volume of Fables is definitely a nice way to spend the afternoon. The graphic novels are located in the PN section of the library, under call numbers 6700-6790. We have Marvel, we have DC, Scott Pilgrim, we have a lot of things in between that might interest you! As a visual form of storytelling, the graphic novel is endearing to all ages; an immersive experience. I’ve always found it engrossing in the way characters dance across pages, a silent, paperbound movie for any occasion and any audience. The library provides that as well-offering more than stoic text branded onto paper, and providing a resource for people across academic areas of study. I never expected to meet people who were studying comics, but here they are at Hampshire-breaking ground. This collection might be interesting to you as an area of study, hobby, or really, anything else. If you’d like to see action, character, art and words mingle-then I suggest taking a ride up the elevator and surveying (hopefully borrowing) a library’s hidden treasure; our graphic novels. I’m overdue for a visit myself, last time I was up there I indulged my religion- concentrator’s need for diverting from the serious and re-read an issue of Battle Pope. If you haven’t read that, I suggest you do. If you haven’t read any graphic novels, I suggest you do. And if you have, I suggest taking them out from the library and reading them again.

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