Visit PARC at the InfoBar!

This message below recently appeared in the daily announcements– we at the library agree that students should come visit PARC at the Info Bar.  Use this great resource to navigate filing deadlines, CEL-1 and CEL-2, the Divisional process and more!


“We are writing to you about an important resource that we want to make sure all Hampshire students are aware of – PARC! PARC stands for the Peer Academic Resource Center and is located at the end of the Info Bar on the Library.

PARC is here to help all students. We are staffed by experienced Division II and III students who are prepared to help students with filing deadlines, CEL-1 and CEL-2, navigating the system, editing papers, and homework help.

We have an extensive library of Divison II and III portfolios, and are actively seeking new Div I portfolios. The PARC staff are familiar with the schools of thought and with how to negotiate the Hampshire system. We’re like free TAs with general knowledge and skills!

Please take advantage of the resources we offer – send your students to PARC! PARC is open every afternoon Monday – Friday, and our hours are posted on Hampedia and at the PARC office.

Thanks for spreading the word about PARC to your students!

Happy March,


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