New this semester – cooking tips, recipes, and what to do with your CSA share!

buckets of collard and chard

Are you a new student CSA member? Don’t know a chef’s knife from a paring knife? Can’t tell the difference between collards and chard? Never fear, the Food, Farm, and Sustainability Blog is here for you!


This semester, we will posting weekly recipes, cooking skills, and announcements of classes or other events to help you learn how to cook (or become a better cook than you already are), how to preserve your food so it doesn’t just rot in the fridge, and what to do with baffling items such as kohlrabi and radicchio. (What even IS that??) Don’t worry, though – there also will plenty of more familiar food in your share, like lettuce, broccoli, carrots, tomatoes, and spinach.

closeup of radicchio


Bookmark this blog and stay tuned as we help you make the most of your CSA share, build up your cooking skills, and guide to you through this veggie-filled semester!


Are you a more experienced cook? Have your own terrific recipes and ideas to share? Know any secret tricks for slicing onions without crying, getting the smell of chopped garlic off your hands, or whipping up a batch of fresh ginger ice cream?

bowl of ginger ice cream

By Ewan Munro from London, UK – Hix Oyster and Chop House, Smithfield, LondonUploaded by tm, CC BY-SA 2.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=24283161

Feel free to comment on the blog, or send your recipes (with photos would be amazing if you have them) to farm@hampshire.edu.


Welcome to Fall ’19 at Hampshire College – looking forward to having fun in the kitchen with you!

Reeve Gutsell is the Food, Farm, and Sustainability Program Coordinator at Hampshire College. She has a Master's degree in Resource Management and Conservation, as well as a long-term interest in the intersection of agriculture, environmental issues, social justice, and food systems. She enjoys the walking around the farm in all types of weather, and almost always finds something beautiful or interesting to explore.

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