Free Veggie CSA shares for Hampshire College students!!

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FundCom and the Hampshire College Farm are excited to announce that in order to increase food options for students, we are offering FREE Hampshire College Farm Vegetable Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Shares to mod residents – sponsored by the Student Activities Fund!

Individual Mods in Prescott, Enfield, and Greenwich are eligible to sign up for free CSA shares beginning on August 1. Share availability will be on a first-come, first-served basis, and we expect to sell out. If your mod is interested in a CSA share, we suggest you contact your mod mates, decide which day you would like to pick up your share (see details below), and sign up as soon as possible on or after August 1st.

The student vegetable CSA share option is the same as the regular fall veggie share, but is for current Hampshire College students living in mods only. Each share is designed for groups of 4-6 students. If your mod contains 7 or more students, you may divide into two groups, and each group may sign up separately.

Communicate with your mod-mates before August 1 to decide if you would like a CSA share. Then designate two people to be the representatives for your mod. One person will be the “primary shareholder”; this person should complete the sign-up process, being sure to click the blue “add user” button in the Member Information section to add additional members to the share. The link to sign-up is below. Important Note: All members should use their Hampshire College email addresses, not gmail or other personal email addresses. You will also be asked to provide your mod address at this time.

Produce pick-ups are once a week in the fall for 12 weeks, from September 3rd – Nov. 22nd. Pickups are on either Tuesday or Friday between noon and 6 p.m. You must pick up on the same day each week, within pick-up hours, unless you notify us by Monday of that week. Pickups are at the Hampshire Farm CSA barn.

Your share will include fresh vegetables on a weekly basis and access to the pick-your-own field, which includes heirloom tomatoes, fresh herbs, hot peppers, edamame, green beans, and an assortment of beautiful flowers.

If cooking is new to you, the Hampshire Farm and Student Life will be providing an ongoing series of programs during the fall semester, focusing on basic kitchen set-up, food storage strategies, delicious recipes utilizing farm-grown veggies, and a number of other topics. These lessons will be posted here on this blog, and will also be referenced on the farm’s Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/HampshireCollegeFarm/.

The “Fall 2019 Student CSA Share” sign-up will be here, available on August 1st:


Please note that the student discount will be applied at the end of the sign up process, so don’t panic when you see an initial charge. Please do not sign up for the regular “Fall 2019 Vegetable CSA” share, which is for staff/faculty/community, or you will be charged at checkout. Please sign up for the student share specifically.

We hope you take advantage of this wonderful opportunity! If you have any questions, please email Nancy Hanson at nehFC@hampshire.edu or Reeve Gutsell at rgutsell@hampshire.edu.


Fundcom, the Hampshire College Farm, and Student Life

Reeve Gutsell is the Food, Farm, and Sustainability Program Coordinator at Hampshire College. She has a Master's degree in Resource Management and Conservation, as well as a long-term interest in the intersection of agriculture, environmental issues, social justice, and food systems. She enjoys the walking around the farm in all types of weather, and almost always finds something beautiful or interesting to explore.

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