evolution. Subboor Ahmad

Discussion about Darwinism – Speaker’s Corner

Subboor Ahmad argues with several audience members about biological evolution and the existence of God, suggesting that everything is designed by a creator.

27 Jan 2017

Scientific Proof for existence of Allah

Scientific Proof for the Existence of Allah

This animated video by “Ask A Muslim” uses scientific ideas to suggest that humans must have been specifically created rather than coming about “by chance”.

14 Dec 2014

Mohamed Abutaleb, Differentiating between the spheres of science and religion, evolution

Differentiating between the spheres of science and religion

Dr. Mohamed Abutaleb discusses differentiating between the spheres of science and religion in answer to a question about how Muslims might explain evolution.

8 Apr 2013

Harun Yahya, The Collapse of Darwinism in Europe

The Collapse of Darwinism in Europe

This video from the Harun Yahya group suggests that biological evolution, which it presents as solely the ideas of Charles Darwin, has been overtaken by the ideas presented in the Atlas of Creation (2007).

11 Jun 2011

Islam vs. Evolution

Islam vs. Evolution

This short video presents an Islamic conception of the creation of Adam and how it contrasts with the biological theory of evolution.

8 Jul 2011

Evolution, Vlog from Hollywood’s World Forum

Evolution in Islam

This vlog by Hollywood’s World Forum seeks to find validation of evolution without denying his faith in the Qurʾān.

13 March 2007

Collapse of Darwinism, Harun Yahya

The Collapse of Darwinism and the Fact of Creation

This hour-long Harun Yahya video from the 1990s suggests that evolution has been disproven based on science.

10 Jun 2011

Disproving Evolution: in

Disproving Evolution: in <3 Minutes

Zaid Ghazzawi suggests that evolution can be disproven because the proteins “excreted” by a cell “know” to arrange themselves as a hand in human beings.

24 Mar 2013

evolution, atheist popcorn, #atheistlogic

Atheist Popcorn

This video suggests that just like someone had to build a microwave, put popcorn in it, and start the process for making popcorn, so too did a Creator, here identified as Allah, need to make the universe and the beings in it.

7 Nov 2014

Usama Hasan, teaching evolution

Imam Threatened for Teaching Evolution

A short, undated BBC news clip presents the bare bones of the furor over Usama Hasan, a scientist and an imam, who spoke about the possibility of reconciling human evolution with Islam.

15 Apr 2011

evolution Sahelanthropus Harun Yahya

Don’t believe in evolution

This polemical Harun Yahya group video claims to disprove Darwinian (biological) evolution using reports of the discovery of a partial hominin skull.

24 Dec 2008

mosquito Harun Yahya creation evolution

The Superior Features in the Body of the Mosquito

This Harun Yahya group clip uses the example of a mosquito as “proof of creation” rather than evolution. The mosquito’s feeding process is described as “miraculous”, a form of iʿjāz.

24 May 2013