ENGAGE! 3rd Annual Community Day of Education

Thursday October 24th, 2019
The 3rd annual Engage! Community Day of Education is a day-long learning opportunity for all Hampshire community members. This year our focus is on rebuilding bridges, reconnecting with one another, and gaining skills to communicate across our differences. It’s crucial that our many voices are represented, heard, and engaged.

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NEX(US): Hampshire Voices

Week of October 21st – 24th 2019
This week-long residency with artist and activist Marty Pottenger includes story circles, interviews, workshops and will culminate with a workshop performance at Engage! Community Day of Education.

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HACU 246: Righting Wrongs: Visions of Environmental Justice

With Hope Tucker “The way to right wrongs,” said journalist Ida B. Wells, “is to turn the light of truth upon them.” Through close examination of works by artists, filmmakers, photographers, and cultural workers who have turned towards borders and boardrooms; fields and factories; habitats and playgrounds; wetlands and wilderness, this course will advance students’ […]

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CSI 203: Memory, Nation, Power, and the Politics of Place

With Ashley Smith Who decides which places are important for us to remember? How do we go about remembering them? And how do other places or other stories get pushed aside or silenced in the process? In this course we will explore how certain places and histories come to be important to us and our […]

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OUT on the Hill: Victory Congressional Internship with U.S. Rep. Sharice Davids

by Elí Alejo, 17F Common Good Summer Intern Elí Alejo was one of twelve outstanding students nationwide who were selected for the Victory Institute’s Congressional Internship. This intensive summer leadership development program works to increase the number of LGBTQ people in public office, and provide the training and professional network to support their success. Elí […]

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HACU 250: Approaching Aftermath: An Installation and Creative Writing Workshop

With Thuy Le and Kara Lynch In this workshop, students will explore the idea and implications of aftermath. Utilizing aftermath as a framework, students will consider what remains-how the past persists in the present, how the future is shadowed, and the ways in which no framework is stable. This intensive theory/practice workshop in Installation and […]

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HACU 222: Digital Resistance: Media Studies and Production

With Kara Lynch This seminar on media analysis and production will consider how constructions of power are embodied in technologies and conversely, how technologies shape our notions of authority and how we actively mobilize against it. In recent years, access to information and images has shifted dramatically. Handheld technologies, social media networks, live web-streaming, video […]

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NS 310: Sustainability in a Changing Climate

With Chris Cianfrani This course will use a natural science lens to explore the UN Sustainable Development Goals with a specific focus on water, energy, and food production. We will develop an understanding of the role science and technology can play in carrying out the social and economic development agenda. We will explore the implementation […]

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IA 208: Acting And Presence

With Will MacAdams What is presence on stage? And how does an actor manifest it? In this course, you’ll explore acting through a hands-on, ensemble-based approach that is grounded in listening. The course begins with an exploration of the many stories that you carry, hear, and express through movement. We’ll then move to language, developing […]

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HACU 251: Alien/Freak/Monster: Race, Sex, and Disability in Science Fiction, Horror, and Fantasy

With Professor Loza This course examines questions of race, gender/sexuality, and disability in science fiction and horror films. It investigates how and why people in different social positions have been constructed as foreign, freakish, or monstrous. In addition to exploring the relationship between sex/gender norms and hierarchies based on race/species or class/caste, we will also […]

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