Engage! 4th Annual Conference, Second Community Day of Education

Wednesday, October 7, 2020
10 a.m.–6 p.m. on Zoom

The fourth annual ENGAGE! Conference will also be Hampshire’s second Community Education Day in 2020, a day of interactive community learning activities. We will be focusing on the question, “What does it take to dismantle the violence that intersects our lives?”

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Mutual Aid + Organizing: The Future We Need Starts Now

A conversation with activists and organizers exploring questions about mutual aid, collective care, and organizing in the time of COVID-19.

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Trans History and Activism at Hampshire College: A Legacy of Hope

Presented at the 11th Annual Five College Queer Gender and Sexuality Conference 2020

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IA 222: Community-Based Theater: Weaving Stories, Building Movement

With Will MacAdams Across the country – and around the world – theater artists are creating work with organizers, elders, young people, and those whose stories are rarely on stage but who form the living heart of communities. Rejecting the belief that theater can only happen on traditional stages, this work is made in farming […]

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HACU 294: Examining and Reimagining Contemporary U.S. Arts Ecologies

With Deborah Goffe How does one sustain a life in the arts? While this question looms large for lovers of the arts, a host of other questions lurk just beneath the surface: How is success defined and redefined? Where are the points of entry and who are the gatekeepers? How do performance, making, educational, community-engaged, […]

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HACU 247: Deviant Bodies: The Regulation of Race, Sex, and Disability in the US

With Professor Loza Since its founding, the US has closely regulated the bodies of Others and punished those that rebel against these socially-constructed designations. Utilizing an interdisciplinary amalgam of Critical Race Theory, Sexuality Studies, Queer Theory, Media Studies, Sociology, American Studies, Performance Studies, and Feminist Theory, this course will explore how the state, the media, […]

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HACU 199: Hashtags, Memes, and Trolls: Politics in the Age of Social Media

With Professor Loza Although early internet theorists imagined the World Wide Web as a wild frontier where only minds mattered, social media testifies to the lasting force of bodily inscriptions like race, gender, sexuality, dis/ability, and class. In this course, we will consider how identity shapes how we communicate, debate, collaborate, and mobilize online. We […]

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CSI 229: Social Movements and Social Change: Zapatistas of Mexico

With Margaret Cerullo In 1994, to everyone’s astonishment, the Zapatistas rose in revolt in Chiapas, Mexico, the same day that NAFTA went into effect-January 1, 1994. How to make sense of the coincidence? Why have so many, in Latin America and in the world, found the Zapatista messages exciting? What challenges face the Zapatistas today, […]

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CSI 305: Working with Theory: Philosophical Methods for Div III Students

With George Fourlas This Division III seminar will focus on philosophical methods in writing and research. A specific emphasis will be placed on concept analysis and genealogy as critical frameworks for building, expanding, and sustaining social-political research projects. Students will be expected to share their Div III research for class critique.

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CSI 166: Liberalism and its Critics: Intro to Social and Political Philosophy

With George Fourlas In this course, you will become familiar with key figures and arguments in contemporary social-political philosophy. We will focus on the tradition of liberal social contract theory, which first emerged in the 17th century and continues to inform political thought. We begin with an introduction to the major theoretical and cultural origins […]

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