HACU 230: Critical Moves: Performance, Politics, and Activist Bodies

With Lailye Weidman Athletes taking a knee, bodies marching in the street, dance movements that go viral. How can Dance Studies help us see and understand the urgency of [social] movement in our current moment? At the same time, how does dance challenge normative conceptualizations of history and politics? Exploring dance and embodied politics of […]

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CSI 238: Population and Development

With Anne Hendrixson This course is a critical introduction to international development history and theory, through the lens of population, or “overpopulation.” “Overpopulation” has been seen as a fundamental impediment to nations’ economic and social development and a global environmental and security crisis requiring an emergency response on an international scale. We will upend this […]

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CS 261: Philosophy of Education

With Ernie Alleva This course explores central questions in the philosophy of education: What is education, and what is it for? What is the meaning and value of education to individuals and society? What should the aims of education be? Are there things that everyone should know or be able to do? Should education promote […]

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