The Ethics and the Common Good Project is a transformative, multi-dimensional initiative that brings critical engagement, ethical leadership, and community building to the forefront of a Hampshire College education.

Through the sponsorship of leadership workshops, courses, student internships, research projects, community-based initiatives, public lectures, and other events, Ethics and the Common Good supports intellectual and practical inquiry into the reality of the common good and the best means of pursuing it. The project aims to equip students, faculty, and staff with the skills and knowledge to critically engage with these questions, and to view their own pursuits—as activists and scholars, artists and scientists—as contributing to the common good. ECG encourages the development of movements, communities of practice, institutions, policies, and economic activities that contribute to the common good. We also support community members in developing the collaborative, communication, and leadership skills to be effective and engaged ethical agents of positive change. Together, we identify core ethical beliefs and values that guide our own as well as institutional actions, examine the consequences of those actions, and develop a set of tools and practices that gives the confidence and practical experience to bring about innovation and transformation in the world.

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Interested in learning more about how this exciting project could support your own projects, course development, divisional work, or internship search? Want to get involved in helping develop the project by joining our steering committee? As faculty or staff, are you curious about how to engage more? Contact Teal Van Dyck, Program Coordinator, with your thoughts, questions, and proposals at

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