Ethics and the Common Good offers a wide range of workshops, trainings and leadership development opportunities that supports our collective capacity to reflectively engage in creating equitable, resilient, interdependent and accountable communities.

Our approach to leadership development is relational and collaborative. This approach draws on storytelling, deep listening and embodied practices to build strong bonds, bridge differences and share leadership. We think about facilitation and collaborative group process as key components to this work and we offer opportunities for people to develop and deepen these skills.

Relational Uprising, Embodied Leadership Project, Transformative Speaking and UMass Alliance for Community Transformation are important teachers and partners in this work.

Workshops and Trainings

Healing & Wellness for Survivors & Allies with The HEAL Project

Ignacio Rivera and Aredvi Azad from The HEAL Project hosted a creative and interactive dialogue around relationality, sexual health and healing for survivors and their allies.

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Trans History and Activism at Hampshire College: A Legacy of Hope

Presented at the 11th Annual Five College Queer Gender and Sexuality Conference 2020

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Past Workshops and Trainings

Radical Practice of Care Retreat 2020

March 20-22, 2020
Students are invited to apply to the second annual Radical Practice of Care Retreat, a unique 3-day opportunity for connection and reflection during the last weekend of Spring Break. The retreat is fully funded and includes all meals, lodging, and transportation.

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Room full of tables for HampFest

Shared Leadership, Collective Power

Week of September 9th-13th
Are you a Hampshire College student group signer? Catch ECG at Signer Seminar where we will be offering a learning lab to develop skills in collective leadership: the magic of building strong groups! Signers will learn best practices for successful, enjoyable meetings and events, as well as culture-building tools to sustain student group leadership over the long term. Come share skills in the art of connecting people for a collective purpose!

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grant info session flyer in orange and salmon blocks with light bulb image

Grant Info Session

Thursday, March 7th from 12-1:30pm, Kern 202
Need funding for your divisional work? Trying to support an independent project? Or maybe an internship or volunteer position? Join our collaborative grant info session to learn how to find grant funding on campus, get tips on how to write a strong grant proposal, and put together a budget.

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Tree with large roots

Radical Practice of Care Retreat

Friday, March 15th – Sunday, March 17th, 2019
The Wellness Center, in collaboration with Ethics & the Common Good, OARS, Spiritual Life, and Residence Life, invite you to the Radical Practice of Care Retreat, a unique 3-day opportunity for connection and reflection. The purpose of this retreat is to explore the ways in which we foster support for ourselves. In turn, we seek to understand how care for oneself is fundamental to and interrelated with caring for others and our communities. Together we will engage in conversations and activities that develop our capacity for care in a manner that is intentional, realistic, and sustainable.

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Magdalena Gómez

Visceral Viewing: Decoding Images Through Movement and Writing

Wednesday, October 17th from 6:30-9pm, Hampshire Art Gallery
Join poet and playwright Magdalena Gómez in a writing workshop interpreting a self-selected image from Pablo Delano’s installation The Museum of the Old Colony. The intention of the workshop is to provide tools with which to interrogate, decode and respond to an image through the written word, to heighten critical viewing, and self awareness in how one approaches viewing.

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Sobrevivencia Cantastoria

AgitArte y el Teatro de Papel Machete

Wednesday, October 24th from 6:30-8:30pm, Hampshire Art Gallery
Join members of AgitArte, an organization of working class artists and cultural organizers, as they share a series of campus and community presentations on their creative projects and practices from their more than twenty years of cultural solidarity with grassroots struggles against oppression and building alternatives for transforming our world.

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Nicole Garneau

Ceremony and Ritual for Social Change

Friday, October 19th from 12-2pm, Emily Dickinson Hall
Join interdisciplinary artist Nicole Garneau for a meal and workshop exploring artist-initiated, non-religious sacred ceremonies that knit communities together and create activist spaces grounded in love.

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Student Grants Info Session

Student Grants Info Session

Monday, October 1st from 4-5:30pm, Airport Lounge
Need funding for your divisional work? Trying to support an independent project, internship, or volunteer position? Come to our info session and grantwriting workshop! Learn how to find grant funding on campus, get tips on how to make your case, share your ideas, and put together a budget.

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Hampshire Huddle text on pale blue-green background image of birds flocking

Hampshire Huddle

Thursdays, September 27th, October 25th, November 29th from 5:30-8PM, Prescott Tavern
Eat, Talk, Make: Get together with students, staff, and faculty to enjoy a community meal as we reflect & create around monthly themes that help us connect.

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Relational uprising story circle

Resonance: A Community Practice Space

Friday, March 30th, 1-2:30PM, Kern 106
Join ECG in practicing more generative ways of relating to ourselves, each other, and our community at Hampshire. In this practice space, we will share stories of connection to sensitize to each other’s challenges and support needs. After we hear each other’s stories, we will resonate to affirm the humanity in one another and appreciate the collective knowledge in the room. Through this practice, we hope to engage with our values regularly, keep collective resonance alive as a resource, combat the isolation often experienced on campus, and grow a trustful community we can rely on.

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People in the dance studio

Embodying Joy, Embodying Freedom: A Community Practice Space

Wednesdays, 9-10am, Main Dance Studio
Join ECG in our weekly team building space where we engage in embodied listening, play, creative expression, resonance and other practices that support our work. We are beginning to the understanding that by coming together to start the day leaning into experiences of joy and freedom we are more resourced as a community to meet the challenges we face in our lives and in the world.

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Hampshire Commencement flags

Change-Making After Hampshire

How to Sustain Yourself and Change the World While Living a Life You Love What happens when change-makers and activists graduate from college? Do the financial realities and responsibilities of “adulthood” mean compromising your values and vision for a better world? What does it look like to continue making positive change while also supporting yourself […]

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AORTA Collective logo

AORTA Webinar Series: Love The People – Building Power Through Sanctuary

Wednesday, Feb 28th, 1-2:30pm, Kern 202
Join us in tuning into AORTA’s webinar series Love the People, which will discuss ways to interrupt interpersonal violence, engage in defending our movement spaces, and community safeguarding through sanctuary.

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Connect to Transform Retreat Participants

Connect to Transform: a Collaborative Changemaking Retreat

The Ethics & the Common Good Project with Relational Uprising invite you to join us for a unique collaborative change-making retreat, a 2.5 day fully funded training opportunity. We’ll make space to explore the escalating social, political, and environmental challenges we’re facing, individually and collectively. We’ll learn to create the conditions for radical networks of […]

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Cultural Center meeting with JLash

Building Resilience Together: A POC Support Space

Wednesdays, 5-7pm, Cultural Center
A semester-long weekly space for students of color to build resilience as a collective group in a way that is interpersonal, reflective, and created to honor our wholeness and hold the complexity of experience and difference. Together we tell stories, practice resonance, and build community in the Cultural Center.

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Students talking in a group

Applied Ethics & Social Justice: Div III to Div Free

Mondays,12-1PM, FPH 104
A semester-long weekly commons for Division III students to build community, make connections, share resources, and explore questions around ethics, praxis, relational leadership, and change-making.

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Ujima logo

The Boston Ujima Project: Our Work, Our Community, Our Economy

Wednesday, October 18th
a panel from the Boston Ujima Project

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TESA's Rise Up: Game of People and Power

TESA Collective: Rise Up!

A game night with the Hampshire alum-led TESA Collective, featuring their newest game.

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Get (Y)our Leadership: Building Collective Capacity for Embodied Liberation

Facilitated by alumni Alina Ortiz Salvatierra, Adisa Stewart, and Emmy Keppler This workshop will use relational somatics, storytelling, and movement as decolonial processes for subverting the cultures of isolation and separation that feed systemic oppression. We will use our personal experiences with community organizing and activism as our tools to build our frameworks for transformative […]

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Relational Storytelling Workshop

Facilitated by Javiera Benavente, Safire DeJong, and Alina Ortiz Salvatierra This workshop introduces students to relational storytelling as a practice for community building and strengthening bonds within groups.

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Building Resilience Together

Facilitated by Alina Ortiz Salvatierra and Jishava Patel, UACT Facilitator Ricardo Levins Morales, an artist and activist for social change movements across the country, describes resilience as not an individual trait or skill, but as the capacity of one’s community members to support each other in the face of oppression. Through our class, our hope […]

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Femme Safety Strategies for Survival and Beyond Workshop

facilitated by Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha In response to many recent suicides of femme artists, organizers, and community leaders, this emotional safety planning workshop is a space for femmes (people who id as femme or feminine and queer and/or non binary and/or trans) who want to learn and share about suicidality in our lives, as well […]

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Care Webs Workshop: Experiments in Disability-Made Collective Care

Facilitated by Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha In this workshop, we will talk about the (often feminized and undervalued) work of care, with a specific focus on how sick and disabled folks can create care webs for ourselves. We’ll map what we need and what we have to give and what allows us to ask for and […]

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SPARC: Can We Talk?

Facilitated by Javiera Benavente and Chris Tinson, Professor of Africana Studies in CSI This interactive workshop presentation will create a faculty & staff centered space to share stories and strategies of engagement in these difficult social and political times. We want to allow space for faculty and staff to discuss some of the tough issues […]

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Positive Powerful Communication: tools for building relationships across difference

What does it mean to be in community with people who do not share our opinions, views, or values? Often, it means that there are problems, disagreements, and conflict. Working through those issues in a way that protects community and all of its members can be challenging. Positive Powerful Communication offers a set of tools […]

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Intro to Embodied Leadership Workshop

a workshop for staff and faculty with Jamila Jackson This workshop for will explore the power of the body in creating a real and felt sense of connection between individuals; explore the power that connection has to: allow us to feel much deeper levels of support, to feel truly seen and heard, expand our capacity […]

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Facilitation Workshop Series

Facilitated by Olivia Espinoza and Kristie Herman, UACT facilitators In this 5-part workshop series, students will engaged in the process of understanding who they are as facilitators, what roles facilitators can play, deepening their understanding of facilitated space, developing tools and skillsets to navigate those spaces, and grounding themselves in the transformative power of empathic […]

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Art and Activism Workshops with Dread Scott

Dread Scott is an acclaimed American artist whose work has garnered significant public and scholarly attention and has been widely exhibited in the US and abroad. Scott describes his work–which powerfully addresses such topics as American imperialism, symbols of nationalism, police brutality and police murders of African Americans, the history and legacies of slavery, and […]

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Relational Storytelling and Resonance Workshop

Facilitators: Teal Van Dyck and Alina Ortiz Salvatierra Relational Storytelling and Resonance workshop to introduce student  to these relational tools for community building and deepening bonds within groups.  

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Facilitating Connection, Community, Collaboration, and Change! Group Independent Study

Facilitated by Javiera Benavente and Alina Ortiz Salvatierra In this course, we will learn about various approaches and methods for facilitating group process, shared learning, and collaborative actions that effect and create change in the wider world. We will explore how group facilitation can be used as a tool for cultivating connections and relationships, building […]

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RA Storytelling and Resonance Workshop

Facilitated by Javiera Benavente and Alina Ortiz Salvatierra Storytelling Resonance workshop offered during RA training/ january orientation, asking students to reflect on their experiences entering or exiting a community and share with one another to deepen relational bonds.

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Oppression Embodied Workshop Series

led by Alumni Adisa Stewart This workshop will explore somatic (body-based) resilience in the face of an array of emotional responses to events that have impacted students of color in the Hampshire community. The workshop will use a methodology that has grown out of the work from Generative Somatics (GS), offering an approach that combines […]

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SPARC Listening Sessions

Facilitated by Laura Greenfield, Andrea Johnson, Mei Ann Teo, Alina Ortiz Thursday, December 1, 7-9pm, Cultural Center Thursday November 17, 9:30-11:30am, Emily Dickinson Hall This workshop was a part of a series that SPARC did in order to better understand students specific challenges with communication and conflict on campus. We wanted to use the information […]

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Transformative Changemaking & Relational Leadership Training

Facilitated by Cedar Landsman and Lucien Demaris This is a one day relational community building training for student leaders and changemakers. Using tools that cultivate resilient ways of being together and communicating with each other, we hope to support existing student cohorts build their relationships with one another and strengthen bonds. The training will facilitate […]

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Embodied Leadership Project: Research Playground

Facilitated by Jamila Jackson These 1.5 hour Embodied Leadership Project workshops use play, compassionate listening, and discussion to create a place to get support, find connection and community, develop your leadership skills, and engage with experiential and theoretical research of the full-bodied brain. We get to play, to theorize, and to inquire into ways of […]

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Cultivating Connection and Support: A Community Ritual and Celebration

A gathering to affirm and welcome in the energy of relational, embodied, and emotionally connected community. Including a dance party after with incredible DJ. Brought to you by The Embodied Leadership Project, Hampshire Dance Program, CYL, CBD, The JB Scholars Program, CPSC, and the Cultural Center.

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Get (Y)our Life: Building Collective Capacity for Embodied Liberation

Facilitated by alumni Alina Ortiz Salvatierra, Adisa Stewart, and Emmy Keppler. This workshop will use relational somatics, storytelling, and movement to begin to construct a culture of resilience and resistance at Hampshire College and beyond! We will use our personal experiences of wellness and healing as our tools to build collective capacities for transforming relationships, […]

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The Culture of Radical Engagement Residency

The Culture of Radical Engagement framework supports participants to lead a shift in culture toward empathy, an essential and often elusive arena of social transformation. Cedar Landsman 99F and Lucien Demaris, lead trainers at The Relational Center, will collaborate with students, staff, faculty, administrators, and community partners in a week-long residency offering a nuanced, relational […]

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Principles of Contemplative Ethics

Facilitated by Teal Van Dyck, and Liza Neal (Director of Spiritual Life, Hampshire College) Spiritual Life and the Ethics and the Common Good Project come together to consider the historical and current connections between contemplative practice and ethical life. What is the link between awareness and action? How have the world’s great changemakers used contemplative […]

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Stories of Connection

Facilitated by Javiera Benavente with the Seed Team The Ethics & the Common Good Project is excited to announce an upcoming week-long campus residency with trainers from The Relational Center. This workshop series will strengthen collaborative leadership skills, celebrate resilience, and cultivate interdependence and reciprocity. All are welcome to join us for lunch and learn […]

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