Elizbeth Warren and Olivia Brochu

Exploring the Inner Workings of Politics: Interning with Senator Elizabeth Warren

by Olivia Brochu, 15F In Spring of 2018, I spent a semester interning in the Washington DC office of Senator Elizabeth Warren. This opportunity contributed to my ongoing studies of political science and women’s and immigration studies at Hampshire. At the beginning of the semester, I was hoping to gain knowledge about the U.S. Congress, […]

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Watershed Center

Toward a Relational Somatics

by Teal Van Dyck “An alternative to the view that organisms possess ‘life’ is that ‘life’ possesses organisms. By this hypothesis, the secret of ‘life’ is to be sought outwardly and ecologically, rather than inwardly and physiologically… Organisms do not stand on their own. They evolve and exist in the context of unified ecological systems […]

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Two sets of hands pulling a print together

Hampshire Huddle: Spinning a Relational Web

by Maya Sungold Sometimes it can be hard to feel connected to community on campus. To feel like you can show up somewhere, meet people you’ve never met before, get to know them in a real way, and be accepted and embraced in each others’ fullness. This year Ethics & the Common Good and Transformative […]

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Student presenting project from Innovations for Change course

Innovations for Change: Problem Solving for the Future

Collaborative painting by students of the 2015 Innovations for Change class with visiting artist Rose Marie Prins, in an exercise that supported students in connecting to iconic representations of our land and sustainable campus, including the Hampshire Tree and Dutch-Belted cattle at the Hampshire Farm (Photograph by SRP) In the ECG grant-supported class Innovations for […]

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Farm at dusk

What’s at Stake with Steak: Perspectives on the Meat Industry in the United States

by Renata Anuhea Sebstad, 13F Last summer, through the Ethics and the Common Good Internship Grant, I traveled across the United States to find out “what’s at stake with steak?” My studies had left me with questions like; how do we value meat? How do we care for the animals we’ve domesticated for food, and […]

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Young women's program dancing in studio

Silence, Breath, and Empathy

A lyric essay by Jamila Jackson I have spent the last few years at Hampshire developing the Embodied Leadership Project. My intention with the project has been to facilitate experiential learning around the topics of empathy and emotional intelligence. I understand both of these things to be embodied and relational skills. Advocating within academia for […]

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Two boys reading books with the words dream, empower, question, and study escaping the books

Transforming Education 4 Social Justice: A Reflection

Image by Pete Railand from Justseeds Artists’ Cooperative for Critical Resistance by Desta Cantave, 15F The Transforming Education for Social Justice Conference, a conference for people across Western Massachusetts who are interested in social justice and equality in K-12 schools, was such a privilege to get to experience. The main programing event was in English […]

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Sexual Minorities Archive in Holyoke MA

Keeping LGBTQI+ History Alive at the Sexual Minorities Archives

by Samuel Edwards, 15S For my summer internship funded through the Ethics and the Common Good Internship Grant, I worked at the Sexual Minorities Archives. The Sexual Minorities Archives is an archive based in Holyoke, Massachusetts that works on preserving LGBTQI+ history, as well as making this knowledge available to the public. A large part […]

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Bioethics Conference

Teaching and Learning About Conflict & Genocide

By Sabina Paneva, 14F In the summer of 2017, I was awarded a Summer Internship Grant from Ethics and the Common Good to develop my Division III research on holocaust education and present my work at the Mali Losinj Days of Bioethics Conference in Croatia. The annual international conference has become one of the most […]

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Detroit Kite Festival

Making a Pop-Up Museum for the 2017 Detroit Kite Festival

By Dylan Eli Welch, 13F For my summer internship through Ethics and the Common Good, I traveled to Detroit to support the inaugural Detroit Kite Festival. Inspired by kite festivals she went to when she was younger, the Detroit Kite Festival was created by friend and Hampshire alum Margo Dalal. Margo and the festival team […]

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Student studying in the library

Ethics & the Common Good Project Announces Latest Round of Student Project Grants

The Ethics & the Common Good (ECG) Project is pleased to announce the recipients of the ECG Fall 2017 Student Project Grants. Each year, ECG awards grants to students engaged in developing projects, research, and internships that align with the mission of the Ethics and the Common Good Project. ECG particularly aims to support community […]

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Javiera sharing at the Culture of Radical Engagement Residency

Cultivating Critical Connection: The Culture of Radical Engagement Residency

Ethics & the Common Good Project is deeply committed to cultivating our collective capacity for empathy, connection, collaboration, and action. We call this collective capacity relational leadership. Rather than focusing on building individual leadership skills, our approach is to use storytelling, empathic listening, and embodied practices to build strong bonds, bridge differences, and share leadership […]

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student points to picture of slime mold on laptop

Ethics & the Common Good Project Awards 10 Faculty Course Development Grants

Ethics & the Common Good Project is pleased to announce our first round of Faculty Course Development Grant recipients. Ethics and the Common Good Project (ECG) offers funding to support faculty in the development of courses that focus on conceptions and problems of ethics and the common good, as well as possible means of addressing […]

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