Join Ignacio Rivera and Aredvi Azad from The HEAL Project for “Sexy Survivor”, a creative and interactive dialogue around survivors of sexual abuse and how they have navigated safe, empowering sexually healthy lives.

This three hour workshop is a forum for survivors as well as partners and allies of survivors to gain tools and support around intimacy and sexuality. All too often, sex is altered, damaged and or complicated for survivors of sexual abuse. It takes time, patience and trial and error to figure out what works for us. This workshop is not a therapy session but a more of a skill and strategy share.  We hope to encourage success building and future dreaming dialogue as we all share stories and ideas of what has worked for sexy survivors.

This workshop will be a confidential space for students, offered as part of the 3rd Community Education Day on October 20th, 2020.

Guest facilitator Ignacio Rivera says: “Sexy Survivor is a workshop facilitated by a team of survivors of color. This workshop has been highlighted at multiple conferences and has centered survivors voices in healing practices. The goal of the workshop is to share stories, create dialogue, and encourage intentional, proactive sex positivity for survivors of sexual abuse. We aim to share collective hopes, impacts, resources and sexual health skills as we speak truths, uncover secrets, undo shame and realize our desires in spite of abuse.”

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