The Miracles of the Qur’an, Episode 5


8 Aug 2007

Miracles / Ijaz, Geography

Ali Sadun Ragin

This clip from the Harun Yahya video by the same title, an unnamed presenter discusses the topic of “the information given about the future in the Qurʾān”, which specifically addresses the defeat of the Romans.

Topics mentioned:  Byzantium, Byzantine empire, Persians.



The translation of the Qurʾānic verses (30.1-4) is somewhat problematic. The word translated as “lowest” in order to suit the miracle being described is more commonly translated as “near” or “nearby”.

The only science here is the statement about the lowest natural dry land on Earth, which is on the shores of the Dead Sea, 418 meters below sea level.  Given the problematic translation, this is a matter of making the interpretation fit the facts.

Historically, Heraclius at the head of the Byzantine forces was defeated by the Persians (613-14 CE), and defeated them in return in 624 CE.