Stop Spamming’s Response to ‘Dr. Zakir Naik’s Scientific Miracles #2’


5 Nov 2017

Cosmology, Miracles / I'jaz

Stop Spamming

In this vlog, Stop Spamming takes two iERA members, Muhammad Hijab and Abu Safiyyah to task for a number of errors of fact in their presentation.  The evaluation of their video is on the Portal here.

The video Stop Spamming is critiquing is the second part, and Stop Spamming says that in this episode, the speakers have gone from being “a huge mess” to being “highly deceptive”.

Perhaps because the original video that he’s commenting on is rather disorganized, Stop Spamming’s critique also bounces from topic to topic.  Stop Spamming includes many clips from the source video.  Unfortunately, rather than creating a pointed critique, Stop Spamming tends, in this video, to accuse the speakers of a lack of knowledge or rational argumentation.  He does point out factual errors in the original video, such as the speakers citing the wrong verse number for one of their primary Qurʾān references.  Stop Spamming’s critique is also much more thorough in surveying all the verses in the Qurʾān which address topics like the shape of the Earth.

Topics addressed:  Bucaillism, science as ”truth”, “scientific miracle” as an oxymoron, “solar apex”, shape of the Earth, heliocentrism vs. geocentrism, critiques of The Masked Arab.


Islam:  Although Stop Spamming presents the speakers in the video he’s discussing as “Muslim apologists” and not all Muslims, he seems to assume that those who might agree with his views of the inaccuracy of the material are only non-Muslims.  He repeatedly says “Muslims” say or do this or that, rather than the particular Muslims in the video he’s critiquing.

However, Stop Spamming in some cases does a better job of explicating Qurʾānic and Arabic material than do the original speakers.

Science:  To the extent there is a discussion of science here, Stop Spamming accurately reflects current scientific consensus.  He also does a nice job of citing his sources.

History:  There is relatively little history here.  Stop Spamming suggests that the discourse that Naik and the video he is critiquing only goes back to Maurice Bucaille and “Bucaillism”, which is inaccurate.  This method of drawing “facts” out of the Qurʾān goes back further than Bucaille, although Bucaille was a very popular speaker on its behalf, and Naik does follow some of Bucaille’s constructions.