Scientific Proof for the Existence of Allah


14 Dec 2014

Evolution, Cosmology

This animated video by Ask A Muslim (Columbus, Ohio, USA), originally posted in December 2014, uses scientific ideas to suggest that humans must have been specifically created rather than coming about “by chance”.  The video suggests that there has not been enough time since the universe began in order for humans to have developed, without providing any reference for the source of its information.

The video suggests that one should be thankful to “the Creator” for one’s life.  This creator is noted to be the Lord of not only Muḥammad, but Jesus and Moses as well, an idea clear in the Qurʾān but perhaps not acceptable for some Christians and Jews.

The video references two Qurʾānic verses.  The first is 22:73, which is cited, suggesting that no one but Allah can create even something as small as a fly.  The second, which is not presented with a verse reference, is 67:3, which suggests that God’s creation is flawless.

Science referenced:  conservation of energy, solar system, age of the universe, time to create human proteins, components of a human being, functions of hearts and kidneys.


The material on Islam is within the bounds of what Muslims have historically understood as acceptable.

Although a few of the scientific facts presented here are correct, the construction presented here of intelligent design is a common one in the US and elsewhere.  (Interestingly, neither “intelligent design” nor “evolution” are used in the video.)  Scientists don’t believe life came “from nothing” but developed through small steps over immense amounts of time.  Science does not suggest that you can just shake together the “ingredients” and produce a fully formed being.

There is insufficient historical material on which to base an evaluation.