Re: Islam’s Real Iron Miracle (Exposed Explained Smelted)


9 Oct 2010

Miracles / Ijaz

This sarcastic vlog (video blog), created by a user named “Christian Prince“, emphatically debunks a a Harun Yahya group video by pointing out what he considers inconsistencies in translating specific terms from the Qurʾān.

He discusses surahs 58:25 and 7:26.

He extends his critique from the video clip he presents to Muslims generally.

He calls on other Christians to copy the video, suggesting that YouTube will remove his videos.

Topics mentioned:  iron in human blood, the Arabic root n-z-l.

The video he is debunking is a clip from the “Miracles of the Quran” documentary, which exists in several variants and many clips.


It is unclear what translation of the Qurʾān the narrator is using, but there are other translations of Surah 57:25 that do not suggest that “Allah wants humans to kill each other”.  The narrator also says “Allah is satan”. He also has a fairly limited idea about how meanings of individual words may shift depending on context; this is why dictionaries (in every language) have multiple meanings for almost every word.

The narrator has not addressed any of the science discussed in the original video, beyond suggesting that verse 57:25 says that humans were on Earth before the iron, which is not the only reasonable interpretation.

There is insufficient historical material on which to base an evaluation.