Problems or Miracles in the Quran?


17 Oct 2013

This video is a clip from an American television show “Jesus or Mohammad?” in which the speaker, Sam Shamoun, examines several passages of the Qurʾān in order to make a point that not all of the Qurʾān miraculously depicts current scientific theories (i’jaz).  The video seems to be a part of a program of Christian proselytization.

The topics he touches upon are mountains, the seven heavens, and the creation of the Earth and universe.


The creators of the video seem intent on making the Qurʾān (and therefore Islam) look silly rather than in serious comparative scriptural analysis, since one might perform similar interpretation on the Bible. However, the translation being used (which is unnamed) does present an accurate translation.

Shamoun does not present any actual scientific theories in this video. Instead he frequently asks what modern scientific theory the verse in question matches. Since this would require only a literal interpretation of the Qurʾān, it does not match any current scientific theory.

There is insufficient historical material on which to base an evaluation.