Physics and Quran


20 Oct 2013

Miracles / Ijaz, Physics

Ali Mansour Kayali

Ali Mansour Kayali explains how ideas from physics may be drawn from interpretations of the Qurʾān. Dr. Kayali’s qualifications are given at the beginning of the video.

Topics discussed include quarks, layers of atmosphere, and sound.  The video is in Arabic with English subtitles.


The material on Islam generally conforms with contemporary mainstream understandings.

The science is not entirely accurate.  The description of the composition of quarks and their date of discovery are incorrect.  The claim that scientists first recognized the seven layers of the atmosphere in 1957 is also incorrect.  Kayali makes several broader claims that are accurate, such as the existence of quarks and the layers of the atmosphere, but the details of the claims are not generally accepted by scientists.

There is insufficient historical content on which to base an evaluation.