National Geographic Confirms Quranic Science


22 Nov 2009

Geology, Cosmology

This user-augmented video consists mostly of a clip about water and how it came to Earth via comets.  This clip is attributed to National Geographic, but we have been unable to identify the original documentary.  A user has added to the end of the video (about the last minute and a half)  a quotation (and recitation) from the Qurʾān, surah 2 verse 74, about rocks splitting and water gushing forth, an example of ijaz.

The clip portrays the development of Earth from a hot, waterless beginning, through NASA studying a meteorite in 2000.


The only Islamic material here is the quote added to the end, which presents a single Qurʾānic verse (2:74) as if there were only one possible interpretation. This is not considered an acceptable exegetical process by most Muslim scholars of the Qurʾān, particularly without considering the Arabic text.

The scientific and historical material presented in the clip attributed to National Geographic is in accordance with contemporary scientific theories.