Mathematical Miracles of the Holy Qur’an


28 May 2014

Numerology, Miracles / Ijaz

Oktar Babuna

In this Harun Yahya group video, Oktar Babuna presents counts of words as miraculous proof of the divine origin of the Qurʾān (iʿjāz).


There is little actual Islam presented here, other than lay presentations of meanings of ideas within Islam.

If we may, for the moment, construe numerology as science, it would be difficult to work through exactly the truth of what is being presented.  For instance, the word counts appear to have been done in English without reference to a translation.  There are no fewer than four word roots in Qurʾānic Arabic that would translate into “forgive” in English, for instance.  Thus, these representations should not be considered serious scholarship.  Others have done similar things with Moby Dick, for instance, to demonstrate that such confluences are mere coincidence.

There is insufficient historical material on which to base an evaluation.

About Oktar Babuna

Born 1963 in Istanbul, Turkey, Oktar Babuna is known for being the personal representative and advisor of Harun Yahya, one of the world’s most famous Muslim creationists. Babuna is a formally trained medical doctor specializing in neurosurgery. Having graduated from Istanbul University Medical School in 1987, Babuna went on to pursue research in molecular biology at the University of California San Francisco Medical School and the University of California Berkeley Donner Lawrence Laboratories. He eventually specialized in neurosurgery at New York University (NYU) in 1996, though it is unclear whether he received his degree in 1996 or simply started his studies at NYU in 1996.

Babuna’s work now focuses on research surrounding faith and evolution, a topic on which he lectures regularly, especially on mass media outlets and in representation of Harun Yahya. In addition, he also authored a chapter in the book Divine Action and Natural Selection: Science, Faith, and Evolution. As of 2015, Babuna operates Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages in Turkish.

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