Is there life on other planets?


4 Jan 2011


Mirza Tahir Ahmad

This brief undated clip shows Mirza Tahir Ahmad (1928-2003), one of the successors of Ghulam Ahmad in the Ahmadiyya, stating that there is extraterrestrial life in the universe because the Qurʾān says so, although he does not indicate where in the Qurʾān this is stated.  He goes on to note that this other life form will eventually come into contact with humans.

The clip appears to be from the MTA, Muslim Television Ahmadiyya, which began broadcasting in London in 1992.


Although belief in alien life is possible among Muslims, it is not necessarily the dominant view.  Without a clear Qurʾānic reference, it is difficult to know what he might have been drawing upon, and if other Muslims would agree with his interpretation.  Some Muslims regard the Ahmadiyya as heretical.

The scientific community agrees that the possibility of life elsewhere in the universe is quite high. But there has been no evidence for it yet.

There is insufficient historical material on which to base an evaluation.