iERA proselytizes in Oslo Norway


24 Jan 2012

Biology, Evolution

Subboor Ahmad

Hamza Tzortzis

This short video shows a group from the iERA (UK) proselytizing creationist stances in Oslo, Norway during a World Humanist Congress there in 2011.  The Muslim presenting his views is likely Subboor Ahmad, one of the speakers for the group.  Hamza Tzortzis, another of the group’s speaker’s wanders in and out of the frame in the background. The discussion is a form of daʿwa (also spelled daʿwah).

The discussion is about the need, from this Muslim’s perspective, for a creator, because the universe could not have come from nothing and could not have created itself.  The woman he speaks with disagrees politely.  Asked at the end, she says it is important for people in Norway to learn about Islam, although she does not suggests she agrees with any of the material presented.  She does, apparently, leave with a book.

The curator or a prior editor added some labels to the video, some of which facilitate understanding the speakers on a noisy street, and others which spoof the speakers and some of the people in the background, including Tzortzis.  The two-minute video contains several editing breaks, making it unclear what has been said in the intervening periods.


The material on Islam is within the bounds of what Muslims have historically understood as acceptable.

The presentation provides a number of false dichotomies, where only two choices from among the many possible are provided.

There is insufficient historical material on which to base an evaluation.

About Subboor Ahmad

Subboor Ahmad (also sometimes spelled Subboor Ahmed) is a speaker for the Islamic Education and Research Academy (iERA), who, like many speakers of the iERA, made a name for himself at Speaker’s Corner in Hyde Park, London.  Ahmad attended City University London for engineering, though it cannot be confirmed if, or when, he graduated.  Current iERA materials note he is pursuing a postgraduate degree in the philosophy of science.  He specializes in arguing for God’s existence and aspects surrounding proselytization, with a particular focus on biological evolution. He can be found guest lecturing at colleges and universities, in addition to occasionally appearing on “The Big Debates”, “The Dawah Show” (Ramadan TV), and “Face the Faith”.  According to Mission Dawah, Ahmad also manages iERA’s publishing company, One Reason.

As of January 2018, Ahmad has a public Facebook account with just under 10,000 followers, a relatively inactive Twitter account (last tweet, April 2017) and a relatively unpopulated LinkedIn account.

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About Hamza Tzortzis

Hamza Tzortzis is of Greek origin, though he was born and raised in London, England. Raised in Hackney, a rougher part of London, Tzortzis became involved in gang life and never finished a university degree after a plagiarism scandal. Following his difficulties in academics, he pursued project management in the business field; however, after a few encounters with Muslim friends, Tzortzis became more and more interested in Islam.

Tzortzis is now well known for delivering controversial lectures, workshops, and courses at various universities across the world on Islamic thought, in addition to participating in various debates where he uses philosophy to defend Islam. His interests lie around Islam, politics, and philosophy. Tzortzis is in charge of the Islamic Education and Research Academy’s (iERA) research team, and is also an instructor for AlKauthar Institute, a proselytizing organization.

As of 2015, Tzortzis is active on social media networks, operating public Facebook and Twitter pages, each with thousands of followers. His personal website also hosts his collection of research, debates, and lectures.

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