End of the World and Beyond


8 Oct 2016

Physics, Miracles / Ijaz

Ali Mansour Kayali

With an abundance of references to verses in the Qurʾān, Dr. Ali Mansour Kayali lectures on the physics of the end of the Earth, demonstrating how he perceives it as being present in the Qurʾān, and thereby demonstrating the text’s divine source as well as serving as an instructional message for Muslims. Approximately half way though the video, the discussion turns to the Day of Judgment, which does not elaborate on scientific topics until the last few minutes of the video.

Topics include: atoms, photons, quarks, string theory, sound, layers of the atmosphere, signs of the end times, explosion of the Sun (and its affect on the Earth), the shape of the universe (and anti-universe), black holes, the weight of the earth, resurrection, Day of Judgment, relativity theory, weight of deeds.

In Arabic with English subtitles. The video is broken up into many smaller segments, generally about 8 minutes long. As there as a blessing on one’s fasting at the beginning, it seems to have been prepared for Ramadan. The last minute includes credits. Produced and directed by Bilal al-Beirakdar.


The Qurʾānic references here are provided in both English and Arabic.  Presenting scientific ideas as proof of the text’s source, particularly without any clear discussion of the context, is not considered acceptable by most Muslim scholars of the Qurʾān.  Because of the wealth of material about the end times in the Qurʾān, Qurʾānic exegesis plays tremendous role in this video.

The scientific material seems to be largely in accordance with contemporary cosmological understandings, albeit with constructions of God and heaven for causation.

There is insufficient historical material on which to base an evaluation.