Darwinian Evolution is Scientific


16 Sep 2017

Evolution, Cosmology

Subboor Ahmad

In this short, informal video blog (vlog), Subboor Ahmed says he is differentiating science from truth.  However, what he outlines is actually just separating religion and scientific study into different spheres.  Thus, even when accepted scientific theories conflict with Islamic theology, Ahmed suggests, one should “simply accept it.”

Ahmed uses as an example, that at the beginning of the 20th century, a static state model was the accepted scientific understanding of cosmology.  Ahmed suggests that this conflicted with “my theological beliefs” as a Muslim then, since he thinks he would have understood the universe as having had a beginning.

Ahmed says the only reason he points out issues with “Darwin’s theory” is because “this is just the way science works”.

Oddly, Ahmed has set this video’s category on YouTube as “Comedy”, so one is left to wonder whether he wants this to be taken seriously or not.


Islam:  Although references to Islam are limited to “I, as a Muslim” framing, it is within the bounds of what Muslims have historically understood as acceptable.  There is no indication that there was a conflict between major streams of Muslim theology and a steady state cosmological model.

Science:  The suggestion that one should accept valid scientific theories is consistent with understandings of contemporary scientists.  However, using terms like “Darwin’s theory” as opposed to “biological evolution” (the phrase used by scientists) suggests that Ahmed is not fully practicing what he preaches.

History:  What little history is referenced here is a relatively accurate reflection of what is currently understood, beyond what is noted above.

About Subboor Ahmad

Subboor Ahmad (also sometimes spelled Subboor Ahmed) is a speaker for the Islamic Education and Research Academy (iERA), who, like many speakers of the iERA, made a name for himself at Speaker’s Corner in Hyde Park, London.  Ahmad attended City University London for engineering, though it cannot be confirmed if, or when, he graduated.  Current iERA materials note he is pursuing a postgraduate degree in the philosophy of science.  He specializes in arguing for God’s existence and aspects surrounding proselytization, with a particular focus on biological evolution. He can be found guest lecturing at colleges and universities, in addition to occasionally appearing on “The Big Debates”, “The Dawah Show” (Ramadan TV), and “Face the Faith”.  According to Mission Dawah, Ahmad also manages iERA’s publishing company, One Reason.

As of January 2018, Ahmad has a public Facebook account with just under 10,000 followers, a relatively inactive Twitter account (last tweet, April 2017) and a relatively unpopulated LinkedIn account.

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