Atheism explained in 45 seconds – #AtheistLogic


13 Feb 2014


This video, produced by Think Islam, is meant to suggest that random events (such as the random mutations through which diversity is created within populations) cannot possibly create complex organisms.  The hashtag, #AtheistLogic, used in the title and on the screen, is meant to be sarcastic.

The video is visually quite interesting.  It shows a young, bearded man holding a bag of legos, which he shakes and pulls out a completed helicopter.  He gives the propeller a spin and sets it down as the video closes with a quote from the Qurʾān.  The video includes no dialogue and only enough on-screen text to shape the argument.


There are no representations of Islam here, beyond the quote from the Qurʾān and the presumably Muslim young man.

The science here is not clear, but the construction clearly misrepresents evolution in a number of ways.  The time over which evolution occurs is vast, unlike shaking a bag of legos.  The plain linkage of evolution with atheism is also incorrect; although there are famous atheists who push evolution, there is no necessary connection between understanding evolution and being an atheist.

There is insufficient historical material on which to base an evaluation.