Albert Einstein was wrong!! So what about Islam?


9 Jun 2011

Physics, Miracles / Ijaz

This vlog (video blog) from BlackPlight4u creatively presents ideas from physics to discuss material from the Qurʾān.  Specifically he discusses the matter/anti-matter pair, comparing it to other pairs in Islam, such as heaven and hell.  He suggests that Paul Dirac‘s reformulation of Albert Einstein‘s equation “proves that Islam is correct”.  By this he seems to mean that it validates verse 51:49, that everything was created in pairs.

Topics included:  Einstein and Dirac, matter and anti-matter, heaven, the unseen world, jinn, sub-atomic particles.


The material on Islam generally conforms with contemporary mainstream understandings.  However, the problem with “proving” Islam through science is that as scientific understanding advances, it may later no longer cohere with the Qurʾānic material.

The science is generally accurate, as the existence of antimatter has been observed and the positron (anti-electron) and antiproton have both been confirmed.  There is little evidence of an actual discredit to Einstein, as it is unclear that he ever commented on antimatter and its existence is still in accordance with his theory of mass-energy equivalence.

There is insufficient historical material upon which to base an evaluation.