Munir El-Kassem

The Qur’an, Science and the Last Day

Munir El-Kassem presents signs of the End Times from the Qurʾān and discusses how in his opinion science agrees with the possibility of the signs.

27 Feb 2011

quran mountains critique

Islamic Science is Stupid – Mountains

A critical vlog presenting clips from a Harun Yahya video and a Zakir Naik video, each of which makes claims about the purpose of mountains from the Quran.

28 Mar 2012

islam miracles critique

Muslim Miracles

A compilation that addresses the mixing (or not) of salty and sweet waters. The perspective of the video is skeptical.

17 Oct 2013

Maurice Bucaille

The Qur’an & Modern Science

Maurice Bucaille discusses material from his book about how the Quran presents ideas that were not known in the seventh century CE.

21 Jan 2012

scientific miracles quran

Miracle of the Qur’an accepted by non-Muslim Scientists

This presentation suggests that there are scientific miracles that demonstrate the divine source of the Qurʾān.

6 Feb 2011

quran miracles

Proof Islam is from God

A variety of professors speak briefly about information pertaining to embryology and geology in the Qurʾān.

26 Nov 2009

Zaghloul El Naggar

Islam and Science, The Planet in the Glorious Qur’an

Evaluation of a video that discusses the planet Earth in the context of using it to prove that God exists and must have created it.

24 Apr 2011

Zakir Naik

Zakir Naik v. Pervez Hoodbhoy: “You cannot prove that Islam is true”

This clip presents a number of “facts” from the Qurʾān that Zakir Naik describes as being scientifically proven.

1 May 2013