IA 255: Embodying Genders, Engendering Bodies

With Djola Branner This workshop course explores principles of acting through the lens of contemporary American drama, and simultaneously pushes our perceptions of gender. In addition to expanding physical awareness, vocal expression and relaxation & focus, we will consider the ever-changing historical, cultural and social landscapes that have defined and continue to define male, female […]

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Five artists jumping

Boundaries Between Bodies: Incarceration, Transmission, and Performance

Friday, Feb 23rd, 4-6pm, FPH ELH
Boundaries Between Bodies brings artists Reggie Daniels and Amie Dowling to facilitate workshops and present projects that are striving to begin a collective process of political struggle where inside and outside artists are working side by side for a transformation that addresses the legacies of racism, segregation, disenfranchisement, and mass incarceration.

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Connect to Transform Retreat Participants

Connect to Transform: a Collaborative Changemaking Retreat

The Ethics & the Common Good Project with Relational Uprising invite you to join us for a unique collaborative change-making retreat, a 2.5 day fully funded training opportunity. We’ll make space to explore the escalating social, political, and environmental challenges we’re facing, individually and collectively. We’ll learn to create the conditions for radical networks of […]

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Cultural Center meeting with JLash

Building Resilience Together: A POC Support Space

Wednesdays, 5-7pm, Cultural Center
A semester-long weekly space for students of color to build resilience as a collective group in a way that is interpersonal, reflective, and created to honor our wholeness and hold the complexity of experience and difference. Together we tell stories, practice resonance, and build community in the Cultural Center.

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Students talking in a group

Applied Ethics & Social Justice: Div III to Div Free

Mondays,12-1PM, FPH 104
A semester-long weekly commons for Division III students to build community, make connections, share resources, and explore questions around ethics, praxis, relational leadership, and change-making.

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Andreas Weber

Toward a Poetic Ecology

Nov 2, 2017 | 5:30pm
FPH | Main Lecture Hall
A public lecture with German biologist and eco-philosopher Andreas Weber

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